Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pitt Lab Printer?
Pitt Lab Printer is an application that allows anyone with a valid Pitt computing account to print to any computer lab from any computer. It was developed by Corey Bonnell as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh.
How does it work?
The Pitt Lab Printer application acts as a wrapper for a secure shell session (SSH) to the server You don't need to be familiar with SSH or UNIX in order to use Pitt Lab Printer; it's a very simple program to use! There is a tutorial on the help page.
How much does it cost?
Pitt Lab Printer is free. The source code for Pitt Lab Printer and the Windows installer program has also been released; see the source code page for details.
Can I print to a printer that is not in a Pitt computer lab?
Pitt Lab printer is specific to the Pitt network and currently cannot support printers on other networks. However, Pitt Lab Printer is open-source and has been designed so that it can be used at other sites.
The program requests my Pitt username and password. Can I trust this application?
Since Pitt Lab Printer is built on top of SSH, any network communications (including your password) are encrypted. Pitt Lab Printer also does not store your password on your computer or send it to be stored on another computer.
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